Australia 2018 Year Dog German Shepherd Lunar $30 1 Kilo Silver Prf SERIAL # 018

Australia 2018 Year Dog German Shepherd Lunar $30 1 Kilo Silver Prf SERIAL # 018
Australia 2018 Year Dog German Shepherd Lunar $30 1 Kilo Silver Prf SERIAL # 018
Australia 2018 Year Dog German Shepherd Lunar $30 1 Kilo Silver Prf SERIAL # 018
Australia 2018 Year Dog German Shepherd Lunar $30 1 Kilo Silver Prf SERIAL # 018

Australia 2018 Year Dog German Shepherd Lunar $30 1 Kilo Silver Prf SERIAL # 018

THIS LISTING IS FOR DOG SILVER KILO with SERIAL NUMBER 018! Get this huge, proof finish, pure silver kilogram! It's got the size, purity, rarity (mintage only 500) to. Celebrate 2018, the Year of the Dog, with these loyal and friendly German Shepherds.

In this charming vignette of. A mother with her puppy.

His kilo is the perfect storm of numismatic investment! This enormous, majestic coin represents a tremendous investment opportunity, struck in pure silver. The Perth Mint's most prestigious coins in its Lunar Zodiac Series II.

At more than 100 mm in diameter. They are a full 4 inches across!

Even more important is the mintage. Will be struck for the entire world!

This rarity is made all the more desirable by the Mint's execution of this intriguing animal. Motif in pure silver, artistically rendered in full proof finish! The fields are deeply mirrored, with the design accented in frosty white cameo relief, further enhancing an already handsome design (which is even nicer looking than the mint-supplied images suggest).

The proof silver kilos sell quickly every year - we urge immediate action! Between the size of the tableau, the ultra-low mintage. Only 500 total - truly rare! & the beauty of the design, this coin can't fail to impress even the most jaded collector or investor!

The only thing more impressive than this prodigious chunk of precious metal is our seemingly impossibly low price for such a rare and exceptional wonder! The Year of the Dog - Loyal, Friendly Intelligent! Centuries ago, the Chinese invented a calendar based on the lunar (rather than the solar) cycle. There are twelve animals in the Chinese lunar zodiac, each corresponding in sequence to a year rather than a month.

Those born in the years 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, and 2018 celebrate the Year of the Dog - man's best friend! According to tradition, people born during a Year of the Dog. Are said to exhibit that animals attributes. They are loyal, honest, intelligent, straightforward and faithful, and possess a strong sense of righteousness. This large coin features a German Shepherd, an intelligent and protective breed that bonds strongly with its owner.

The German Shepherd Dog also known as an Alsatian or. Is a breed of large-sized dog that originated in Germany. The German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, with its origin dating to 1899. The breed is a working dog originally developed for herding and guarding sheep. Because of its strength, intelligence and abilities in obedience training it is often employed in police and military roles around the world.

German Shepherds currently account for nearly 5% of all dogs registered with the American Kennel Club. Due to its loyal and protective nature, the German Shepherd is one of the most registered of breeds. The German Shepherd first gained international recognition following World War I, after returning soldiers spoke highly of the breed, and animal actors Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart popularized the breed further through the medium of moving pictures.

As time progressed, their popularity increased gradually until 1993, when they became the third most popular breed in the United States. As of 2009, German Shepherds had climbed to the second most popular in the US. Additionally, the breed is typically among the most popular in other registries.

The German Shepherd Dog's physique is very well suited to athletic competition, so they commonly compete in shows and competitions such as agility trials. German Shepherds were bred specifically for their intelligence, a trait for which they are now renowned.

They are considered to be the third most intelligent breed of dog, behind only Border Collies and Poodles. Author Stanley Coren found that they had the ability to learn simple tasks after only five repetitions, and obeyed the first command given 95% of the time. Coupled with their strength, this trait makes the breed desirable as police, guard, and search and rescue dogs, as they are able to quickly learn various tasks and interpret instructions better than other large breeds. German Shepherds are highly active dogs. And described in breed standards as self-assured and confident.

The breed is marked by a willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a purpose. Shepherds have a loyal nature and bond well with people they know. However, they can become over-protective of their family and territory, especially if not socialized correctly. They are not inclined to become immediate friends with strangers.

German Shepherds are highly intelligent and obedient and some people think they require a "firm hand", but more recent research into training methods has shown they respond as well, if not better, to positive reward based training methods. German Shepherds are a very popular choice for use as working dogs. They are especially well known for their police work, being used for tracking criminals, patrolling troubled areas, and detection and holding of suspects. Additionally thousands of German Shepherds have been used by the military. Usually trained for scout duty, they are used to warn soldiers to the presence of enemies or of booby traps or other hazards.

Incredibly, German Shepherds have been trained by military groups to parachute from aircraft. The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most widely used breeds in a wide variety of scent-work roles. These include search and rescue, cadaver searching, narcotics detection, explosives detection, accelerant detection, and mine detection dog, among others. They are suited for these lines of work because of their keen sense of smell and their ability to work regardless of distractions.

At one time the German Shepherd Dog was the breed chosen almost exclusively to be used as a guide dog for the visually impaired. In recent years, Labrador and Golden Retrievers have been more widely used for this work, although there are still German Shepherds being trained. A versatile breed, they excel in this field due to their strong sense of duty, their mental abilities, their fearlessness, and their attachment to their owner. German Shepherd Dogs are used for herding and tending sheep grazing in meadows next to gardens and crop fields.

They are expected to patrol the boundaries to keep sheep from trespassing and damaging the crops. In Germany and other places these skills are tested in herding utility dog trials also known as HGH.

This is the eleventh annual release in the Lunar Zodiac Series II from Australia! It's obvious that this coin is gargantuan - it weighs one full kilogram. Of pure silver, and measures a full four inches in diameter and over a half-inch thick. But it's not just massive.

This kilo silver proof is doubly rare! That's right, the total mintage is only five hundred, meaning only 500 people can ever enjoy the pride of ownership of this colossal beauty! Finally, consider how many poor collectors who, nine or ten years later, are going to want this then-long-gone rarity for their collection! Don't delay, opportunity is knocking - answer the door and snap this one up while you can!

Each coins reverse depicts a mother German Shepherd dog. And pup lounging in the grass with Chinese peony flowers in the background. The legend YEAR OF THE Dog defines the theme. The Chinese character for "Dog" is above the mother German Shepherd, while the Perth Mint's "P" mint mark is judiciously placed to the right, near the 3:00 position along the rim.

The reverse features Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. In crowned profile facing right. This portrait, featuring Her Majesty wearing a tiara and pearl earrings, was executed by the sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. The legend 1 KG 999 SILVER guarantees the weight and purity.

The legend ELIZABETH II, the date and the denomination also appear. The coin is encapsulated inside an elegant, red and black presentation case lined with black velvet & satin and protected by a full color outer box. An individually-numbered certificate of authenticity is included. 100.60 mm 4 inches! Ing Ing Jong (obverse) Ian Rank-Broadley (reverse). Talisman World Coins and Medals has been in business for more than 28 years and is one of the largest world coin direct distributors and wholesalers in the world. The item "Australia 2018 Year Dog German Shepherd Lunar $30 1 Kilo Silver Prf SERIAL # 018" is in sale since Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

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Australia 2018 Year Dog German Shepherd Lunar $30 1 Kilo Silver Prf SERIAL # 018

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